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Kiko & Christina

International Bachata Couple!


Kiko and Christina started to teach their first Bachata workshops together in 2013. They decided to move from Palma de Mallorca to Hamburg/Germany in January 2014 in order to introduce the sensual Bachata style in the area and being motivated to share their passion.

 They started their dance projects with the focus on Bachata Sensual and began to spread it in various cities in the whole country. They are the best known Bachata couple of Germany and the pioneers of this romantic dance style in the north of the country. In Hamburg they were the first to create a Bachata Sensual event, which repeates every year in January, "Sensual Station - Hamburg". With this event Kiko and Christina brought the first national Bachata Sensual Competition to Germany.

 During their 2 years living in Hamburg, Kiko and Christina started to travel to international events. They are booked for Bachata Sensual workshops and shows and enjoy to share their knowledge with the bachata lovers all over the world.

 After reaching their goals in Germany, in 2016 Kiko and Christina moved back to Mallorca, going on with their projects and start making some new innovative ideas real. They are favored trainers of various couples of the island, who are competing in national Bachata competitions.

 Kiko and Christina are known for their positive energy and sensuality in the workshops and at the parties, always keeping in touch with the participants. Both are teaching over 10 years, so they have a good experience and with Christinas studies in dance education, they are able to explain movements, body control and techniques with important details.

Today Kiko & Christina are an international booked dance couple for various events all over the world, known for their sensual and social dance style.




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